Hogwash propaganda and the Big Apple

I always loved NYC. Even when I wasn’t living here; perhaps I loved it even more at that time. Undoubtedly, being also victim of some propaganda myself.

But here it was for real, extremely diverse, in cultures, people, food, behaviors and I loved it, beautiful as beautiful, and more, as a city can be. Apparently like that, because driven solely or mostly by real competition, hard work and merit. But, never as today, New York is showing its really true essence: a mobsters and con men paradise. I am sorry dear Big Apple, it’s not hard working, fairness, diversity or -even just a little unfair- competition, nor excellence in merits and skills, that really drives you. It is rather an extremely low standard for anything legal or ethical or human. It is a continuous, reciprocal, mobster like, stabbing in the back of the colleague, the friend, the lover. It’s more like a War of the Roses, in reality this time, and extended to all aspects of life.

A large multinational headquarter has been recently prevented to settle in NYC. It resulted to be largely a publicity stunt for the company itself; less likely, a genuine show of respect for the will of the citizens. Soon the hogwash propaganda resurfaced, from many sources: “It is though to make it here in NY”. To be read as if competition, hard work, merits, skills and wit have to abound in whoever attempts his fortune in NYC. What a giant bull crap!

Instead, the true silhouette of NYC is resurfacing in these days, with a prominent, formerly successful, newyorker man-of-law and ex right-hand of our current president, “spilling the beans” in a televised congress hearing. Nothing closer to the mobster’s world than the real truth, it seems! The guy and his family also got openly and severely threatened, just the evening before his hearing, without enough people paying the necessary attention to it. Therefore, the truth is likely to be even more appalling of what it appeared, as narrated by the don’t-you-all-see-how-I-am-so-repented-and-ashamed convicted felon.

There it is, in all its “splendor”, the real Big Apple. It seems more like the epicenter where the worst tools of organized crime (imported mainly by Italians -by the way, I am Italian and I hate stereotypes-), of usury and shady banking practices (imported mainly by Jews) have been placed to the full, unchecked services of an unfettered corporate power. That is what New York really is, or became, perhaps somewhat unnoticed by many of its very inhabitants.

“We are better than this” shouted, within a concocted bleeding-pride show, a leading representative. Well, most Americans and newyorkers are surely better than that and better than those newyorkers. But no sir, you are not! Because you and your colleagues, by closing your nose and turning your head on the other side all along, when things already started to rot and smell, you did not act, or did not act enough. And you are co-responsible for this mess, for this toxic gangrene born and groomed in the great NYC, and rapidly devouring all US.


A synthetic, objective analysis of today’s dominant power

There appear to be one dominant power in the world, even if multifaceted. Propaganda efforts to hide this fundamental truth are enormous, very costly and overall successful. Mainstream news and education contribute substantially to maintain a deceptive view. We are coached to believe that there are powers of all sorts, at all levels, each in teeming dynamic struggles to conquer some more from the others. This is just not true; or at least, not at any level of substantial importance.

The dominant power is monotone, unique, much more of what is allowed to be perceived. After all, any dominant power only cares about one thing: its own survival. It must mantain its dominant position at all costs. The most recent global and macroscopic shift caused by this general rule, seems to have happened in the midst of the 20th century, with a sharp raise and consolidation worldwide of an enormous financial power in the hands of very few families and individuals.

For most aspects, its structure is essentially monolithic, much more than most people can correctly gauge. It manifests itself in “de facto” corporate monopolies that, today more than ever before, control most aspects of the social status and evolution of mankind,  by keeping it in a stranglehold made of brainwashing entertainment, fake needs, conflicts, crisis and emergencies.

Knowledge is power and the control of knowledge, of course, is a primary factor in the continued effort to remain in power, particularly at this time. Therefore schools, universities, a free press, a free internet, real independent science, all became, in the perspective of dominant power, primary targets to be annihilated at their core; in ways that can be more or less blatant, but became certainly discernible.

Today, the (mock) head of the most powerful nation is often, and correctly so, dubbed: ”the divider in chief”, so obvious have become his efforts and maneuvering to summon conflicts at every level of the American society and around the world. As a main product of very murky business practices, at the edge of -when not beyond- legality and with some open contiguity to the world of mobs, it is the perfect controllable puppet, easily subject to potential blackmailing. Hard to say really how many would feel comfortable even sharing a pizza with him, let alone having him as a president. Surely it is a “nice” trick generated by a severely disfunctional, hijacked democratic system.  But the main tool for power remains the old and well experimented “divide et impera”. Crowded and costly think-tanks and social scientists, paid by the elites, seem extra busy doing just that: spinning, detailing and expanding this same very old, but also very effective, strategy to every aspect of social control and management. As long as female vs male, black vs white, right vs left, socialists vs capitalists, gay vs straight, Muslims vs Jews, …. contrasts are kept well alive, corporate power shall thrive, sucking blood from the American (and worldwide) social structures.

Corporate elite power moves finally unbound from any constraint, since it freely lobbies and controls to unprecedented degrees all the structures that societies placed as checkpoints and feed-backs, including the very information and knowledge. Obviously, it has no longer any ethical or moral constraint whatsoever. Much as a cancer, it only accrues itself, while debilitating and devastating the surrounding social and environmental framework. Any observer born and raised in Italy, like myself, would also be able to see how it largely make use of virtually the same consolidated and effective methods and recipes for people control, faithfully inspired to ancient Italian criminal organizations, such as Mafia or ‘Ndragheta or Camorra.

Beyond the obvious circus of mainstream news outlet, though immensely more important, is the everyday basic search information. Only one single giant company, self professed not to be “evil” -go believe it, if you can!-, virtually controls all searches, apart from having the capability to easily snoop in any person-to-person communication, almost anywhere on the planet.

There is no doubt that these are full fledged “forces of death”, as defined by the author/journalist Chris Hedges. The extreme commodification of everything, imposed by the unique power, results in plain and very dangerous absurdities, as allowing the killing of an endangered species unit for a price, or the systematic poisoning of large water and land bodies by withdrawing pollution limits, or the unfettered power of corporate medicine, that is just pseudomedicine. This pseudomedicine is sustained and veemently pushed by Big Pharma and Wall Street-spawned mechanisms (and the accessory cohort of corruption-encrusted organizations and institutions flooded with corporate money and depending on it) that are the sole responsible for a genocidal average life-span decline in US for the second year in a row, happening in the midst of an exponential growth of the understanding of very intimate mechanisms of life itself.

Interestingly, American history teachings, never fit as in this case, seem to suggest a way out. The spirit of freedom and justice of the American People acted in marvelous ways against the oppression from the British government, about a quarter millenium ago. Who knows… maybe if you exchange the oppressor and its methods, with corporate dominance and its tools, you might end up with a nice blueprint for the best action to take in the nearest future, to avoid an apparently unavoidable doom; not only for the USA, but for the entire planet.


The “Medicine” according to Wall Street

Is curing patients a sustainable business model?”

“The potential to deliver ‘one shot cures’ is one of the most attractive aspects of gene therapy, genetically-engineered cell therapy and gene editing. However, such treatments offer a very different outlook with regard to recurring revenue versus chronic therapies,” Salveen Richter, an analyst for Goldman Sachs, wrote recently in a report to clients, “While this proposition carries tremendous value for patients and society, it could represent a challenge for genome medicine developers looking for sustained cash flow.”

If needed and simplifying even more, one could read synthetically: “curing patients in effective ways is bad for business”. At this point, I would invite everyone to check how huge are the stakes of Goldman Sachs in research, drug development and biotech.

The obvious game of big pharma

So here it is fully revealed and tragically all true, in its perverted logic, the real game of big pharma -if ever there was further clarification needed. Forget real cures, effectively working. What they want is only abiding and paying lifelong subscribers, people that will take a pill for their remaining lifespan, drugs possibly addictive like opioids, just to generate a “sustained cash flow” straight in their pockets. Chronic pills are almost always -literally- the sickening effect of this game, now also so blatantly and hopelessly monopolistic.

In this context, and with a justice system apparently scientifically blind or kept incapable of the perception of relevant facts, big pharma has systemtically corrupted and invaded universities, medical schools, academic and publicly funded research, and most of the scientific peer review system. It has greatly hampered much of the objectivity of scientific research, belittled real independent scientists, transformed research professions market much into a mobbing business.

In the same context, this statement and its obvious bare-logic corollaries, beget even more unsettling questions, like:

1) Do pharma/biotech companies, with their own and the unduly annexed and hijacked “publicly funded” research, actively engage in slowing down specific working cures to certain diseases, promoting instead just chronic palliative or even damaging pseudo-therapies and pseudo-diagnostics?

2) How many and which non-for-profit organizations operating under the facade of donors sponsored trusts, in reality backed by big pharma, operate with the sole purpose of effectively quenching and diverting all other legitimate efforts toward real effective cures?

3) How many companies routinely go their “extra mile” in the same direction, as suggested in the above statement, and seed, spread, or cause diseases in stealth ways, as a perfectly acceptable “business model” to sell more specific drugs or to generate funds toward specific lines of research?

The weird case of transfusions, prions and mad cows

Incidentally, a humble direct experience of my own about a large multinational engaged in the filtration business tells volumes about the problem. The company had one branch dedicated to blood/transfusion filtrations and it was tightly connected with many major stake holders in prion research (mad cow), of the caliber of Nobel laureates. After the analysis of some experimental data, the obvious conclusion was that the “filter” device the company was marketing, was actually causing prion diseases rather than “cleansing” prion tainted blood. Well, no journalist, investigator, prosecutor, judge, nor government agency, nor enforcement entity seemed minimally interested in these rather remarkable criminal facts or in doing anything at all to stop their proceedings.

Instead, the company continued totally undeterred with its plan to spread health-crippling devices, also helped by the fact that the patient’s consent to the use of any medical device, in these cases, is structured more like a bad joke. It happily continued to lavishly sponsor “scientific” programmatic meetings in NY country clubs, where its paid consultants, Nobel laureates and high profile pseudo-neurobiologists, were invited to plan the beefing up of the whole prion business and relative research fundings. Welcome to Wall Street corporate medical research!

Perhaps it is also worthy to remind here how these kinds of disease (like prion amyloidoses, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, etc.) do strike, taking very severe tolls, to the very essence of the human being, to its very cognitive and intellectual core.

Where are we heading

It is tragicomically funny how uncomfortable truths can only find their way to the public in comedy and fiction.”You know why I like doctors? Because they don’t cure sh*t! … Because there ain’t no money in the cure, the money is in the medicine!” Chris Rock, a famous stand-up comedian, so depicted, already some years ago, what was really happening, with the takeover of medicine by unfettered corporate powers. But watch out, if you are a scientist and also provide data for it; then, even just mentioning bare facts, it is really a very bad idea.

Perhaps, the time for radical changes has come; time to go back to a medicine and physicians that really do cure people, and to researchers that are free to find real and relevant answers. Isn’t there any market demand for real working cures?

Or, perhaps, we are really reaching that critical stage that some call “singularity”, that is the end of our civilization path as we know it, and the transition to that phase, with features impossible to fathom. Just, it won’t be brought upon us by a rogue AI, or an atomic conflict, or an engineered-uncontrolled bacteria or virus.

More trivially, it seems that the same useful idiots, systematically crippling science everywhere, and their reckless big pharma owners, are destroying life and the rest of mankind, beginning with culture and cognitive abilities of single people, and ending up with physical elimination.

If it is actually so, one would also expect that, after destroying everything else, they will end up, rather ingloriously, half-witting and eventually killing themselves also.

Never fear, though; always while accumulating excellent financial yields!


La “medicina” e la “ricerca” secondo le multinazionali del farmaco di Wall Street

Recentemente, Salveen Richter, un analista di Goldman Sachs, si e’ chiesto: “Guarire pazienti e’ davvero un business sostenibile?”.  “La possibilita’ di distribuire cure in una singola dose/iniezione e’ uno degli aspetti piu’ attraenti della terapia genica, delle terapia cellullare con cellule ingegnerizzate e del “gene editing”. Ma tali trattamenti offrono una prospettiva molto diversa in termini di continuita’ di introiti, se paragonati con le terapie croniche”, ha continuato in una recente comunicazione ai clienti: “Mentre questa possibilita’ implica un valore enorme per i pazienti e per la societa’, potrebbe rappresentare un problema per gli investitori nella medicina basata sulla genetica con l’intento di ottenere un continuo flusso di danaro”.

Se ci fosse bisogno di ulteriore semplificazione, in sostanza, questo professionista ha affermato: “curare pazienti in modo efficace e definitivo e’ negativo per gli affari”.

Ovviamente, queste sono cose da far rigirare le ossa di Ippocrate nella tomba; ma soprattutto da far preoccupare seriamente ogni paziente di qualsivoglia malattia.

Inviterei i lettori italiani ad approfondire velocemente quanto pervasivi siano gli investimenti diretti ed indiretti di Goldman Sachs oggi nella ricerca biomolecolare, nello sviluppo di farmaci e nelle biotecnologie. Praticamente sono dappertutto; un’onnipresenza tale da poter influenzare facilmente tutta la medicina.

Il vero gioco di big pharma

Viene cosi’ rivelato in tutta la sua disarmante ovvieta’, ma anche logica perversa, il vero gioco del dominio monopolistico delle grandi multinazionali del farmaco, se ce ne fosse ancora il bisogno. Potete scordarvi quindi cure autentiche ed efficaci. Cio’ che gli investitori vogliono da voi, con una inaspettata e molto preoccupante uniformita’, e’ controllarvi come pazienti obbedienti e fedeli abbonati alle loro terapie croniche per la durata restante della vostra vita. E, preferibilmente, farlo con sostanze che inducono dipendenza, che “agganciano” il cliente. Le terapie prescritte a vita con pillole quotidiane sono, quasi sempre, l’inutile e spesso dannoso risultato di questo gioco perverso. Un gioco che oggi e’ anche irrimediabilmente univoco, alla faccia di ogni parvenza di mercato libero.

Ed infatti, in questo contesto di lunga e gravissima monopolizzazione, le grandi multinazionali hanno avuto le mani libere ed invaso piu’ o meno apertamente universita’, la didattica della medicina e della biologia, la ricerca accademica pubblica ed il sistema della revisione paritaria. Cosi’ facendo, hanno sistematicamente ed irrevocabilmente corrotto ogni oggettivita’ della ricerca scientifica, annientato scienziati indipendenti e non allineati ed hanno trasformato il mercato del lavoro dei professionisti medico-scientifici in una sorta di racket mafioso.

Ancora piu’ inquietanti risultano i dubbi corollari che derivano direttamente dalla dichiarazione dell’analista finanziario:

1) Non e’ che per caso le agenzie finanziarie come la sua, con la propria ricerca e con quella indebitamente dirottata ed annessa “pubblica”, sono impegnate in una sistematica azione di sabotaggio di percorsi che porterebbero a cure reali?

2) Quante e quali fondazioni, istituti, associazioni non-for-profit, operano sotto maschere filantropiche, di fatto nascondendo gli interessi di grandi case farmaceutiche e finanziarie, al solo scopo di dirottare e sottrarre risorse a legittimi sforzi scientifici tesi a scoprire vere cure?

3) Quante di queste agenzie si impegnano al di la’ dell’eticamente e legalmente accettabile, nella medesima direzione concettuale indicata dalle parole dell’impiegato della Goldman Sachs, magari seminando, diffondendo e causando malattie, quasi come fosse un modello di business totalmente accettabile, con il solo scopo di vendere piu’ prodotto o generare fondi verso specifici settori di ricerca?

Nulla di cospiratorio, ma soltanto semplice logica conseguenziale, in questi dubbi.

Lo strano caso dei filtri per prioni

Lo dico anche perche’ una modesta esperienza personale, di quando ho lavorato per una multinazionale che operava nel settore della cromatografia/filtrazione, rivela tanto in proposito. La societa’, operante anche in Italia, ha un dipartimento dedicato alla filtrazione degli emoderivati e per trasfusioni ed ha profondi legami con personaggi dominanti nella sfera della ricerca sui prioni (“mad cow disease”), a livello di premi Nobel e dintorni. Dati sperimentali hanno mostrato con chiarezza che un dispositivo, un “filtro” venduto e pubblicizzato per “pulire” il sangue transfuso dalla eventuale contaminazione di prioni, aveva la caratteristica di modificare le proteine nel circolo sanguigno, in modo tale da causare malattie da prioni e simili (come Alzheimer e Parkinson), invece di eliminare i prioni eventualmente presenti. Un breve inciso qui, solo per notare come tali malattie, vadano a colpire la vera essenza dell’essere umano, delle sue vere e proprie capacita’ intellettive e cognitive.

Sorprendentemente, nessun giornalista, investigatore, poliziotto, procura o giudice si e’ interessato ad investigare questi fatti criminali piuttosto gravi ed in pieno divenire, o a fermarli, nella pur efficiente, variegata ed avanzatissima New York. O forse, semplicemente, tali figure non hanno potuto interessarsene?

La multinazionale continuo’ del tutto indisturbata nel suo piano di azione che prevedeva praticamente il ruolo, quasi di vero e proprio untore manzoniano, ma hi-tech, di diffondere filtri per transfusioni dannosi per la salute, anche complici le norme sul consenso dei pazienti in questo settore, piuttosto carnevalesche e totalmente inadeguate. La societa’ ha anche proseguito allegramente a sponsorizzare sontuosi banchetti e meeting programmatici, dove “consulenti” profumatamente retribuiti, a livello di premi Nobel , grandi investitori concordavano l’intero piano e direzioni future del “business” dei prioni e della relativa ricerca, entrambi direttamente giovate dall’attiva “semina” di malattie da prioni, o affini. Benvenuti nella “ricerca scientifica” finanziata da Wall Street!

E’ tragicomico notare come certe verita’ scomode trovino vie traverse, come gli sketch di comici e satira, per venire a galla in modi rivelatori, anche se faceti. “Sapete perche’ mi piacciono i medici? Perche’ non curano proprio un tubo! … Perche’ non ci sono soldi in una cura, i soldi sono nelle medicine!” Chris Rock, un comico famoso, denunciava clamorosamente diversi anni fa quello che stava rapidamente succedendo. Lui poteva dirlo da un palco, da comico. Ma negli USA, forse nel mondo, di oggi c’e’ da giocarsi la carriera e piu’, se si dicono le stesse cose da scienziato indipendente e con dati alla mano; puo’ essere davvero una cattiva idea.

Dove siamo diretti

Forse, se si e’ arrivati ad un livello di monopolio ed ossimoro cosi’ spudorato, e’ tempo di cambiare direzione. Se siamo al punto in cui big pharma ed i suoi padroni che controllano tutto il sistema medico occidentale a livello mondiale, dichiarano apertamente che curare per davvero non e’ nei loro interessi, allora e’ tempo di scegliere altre strade. A stretto giro di logica, chi vuole guarire, dovrebbe decisamente stare alla larga da un sistema medico-scientifico, quello ufficiale, ormai irrimediabilmente teleguidato esclusivamente da interessi farmaceutici, che sono palesemente in contrasto con quelli del paziente. Per non parlare dell’obbligo di vaccinarsi, o di altri tipi di trattamento sanitario obbligatorio.

Per il secondo anno consecutivo, la durata della vita media nel paese piu’ avanzato del mondo e’ in declino, prima volta nella storia recente, proprio a causa di questa situazione, tanto tangibile quanto sconcertante. Un fatto eclatante, con cause eclatanti che viene accuratamente evitato dai media principali.

O forse siamo davvero vivendo quello stadio che molti predicono, la singolarita’, la fine dell’umanita’ come la conosciamo. Solo che non e’ la fine che puo’ venire da un’intelligenza artificiale impazzita, o da progressi incontrollati dell’ingegneria genetica, o da un virus, o da un conflitto atomico.

Piu’ prosaicamente, sembra proprio che un ristretto gruppo di avidissimi imbecilli, i ricchi padroni di big farma, stiano distruggendo lentamente la vita ed il resto dell’umanita’, partendo dalla cultura e dalle capacita’ cognitive dei singoli, per arrivare all’annientamento fisico.

In questo caso, ci si puo’ aspettare che, dopo aver distrutto tutto il resto, finiranno probabilmente ingloriosamente, rincretinendosi ed ammazzandosi l’un l’altro.

Ma niente paura… sempre mantenendo ottimi rendimenti finanziari.


La liberta’ di cura perduta

La velocita’ con cui certi diritti fondamentali vengono infranti oggi e’ impressionante. Sotto i colpi incessanti di un globalismo pervasivo senza etica e senza criterio, le grandi multinazionali ed i loro utili idioti riescono a calpestare ogni dignita’, a manipolare coscienze, al solo scopo di arricchirsi senza limiti ne’ freni, dirottando e boicottando ogni sforzo, politico e scientifico che sia, anche minimamente finalizzato a porvi un qualche argine.

Complici una classe medica ignorante, interessata e corrotta, egregiamente rappresentata dal suo ordine professionale, un ministro della sanita’ incompetente e neanche laureato, il sistema irrimediabilmente decadente del post-berlusconismo, ricercatori inadeguati, quando non prezzolati e conniventi, l’obbligatorieta’ dei vaccini e’ l’esempio piu’ eloquente della frode globale imposta da certe multinazionali in Italia.

Stavolta, il diritto palesemente e gravemente calpestato e stracciato e’ la liberta’ di cura. I nuovi dettami del Grande Fratello globalista impongono che il nostro corpo non debba essere piu’ di nostra proprieta’, o soggetto solo alla nostre libere scelte su come curarci, ma piuttosto diventare il campo di sperimentazione o di attuazione delle multinazionali del farmaco, oggi meno che mai, guidate da qualsivoglia vera scienza o dal rispetto della vita umana.

Un protocollo per la sottomissione sperimentato con l’informatica

Per alcuni, e’ facile ricordare gli albori dell’uso dei personal computers. Alla improvvisa consapevolezza delle possibilita’ offerte dal personal computer, come strumento potenzialmente capace di risolvere una miriade di problemi, gli utenti ben presto hanno dovuto affrontare il maggiore problema di macchine che, pur crescendo esponenzialmente in termini di capacita’ di calcolo ed efficienza, hanno fatto sempre meno funzioni ed interessi di coloro che le compravano ed invece sempre piu’ gli interessi di altri. L’esempio piu’ comune erano i programmi di scrittura (“text editors”), spesso con incompatibilita’ disegnate solo con l’esigenza di monopolizzare il mercato, con grande frustrazione dell’utente finale. Oggi, come diretta conseguenza del medesimo fenomeno, un telefono cellulare “smart” anche se molte volte piu’ potente di un vecchio personal computer, fa sempre meno, in percentuale di possibilita’ d’uso, per l’utente che lo paga, e sempre piu’ per le multinazionali che lo forniscono, direttamente o indirettamente. Molto, forse anche troppo “smart”, ma solo per chi lo mette sul mercato, certo non per chi lo compra. Per chi lo compra, e’ diventata una trappola, piu’ che uno strumento utile. Infatti, persino i controlli base delle funzioni essenziali del dispositivo, come l’accensione, il collegamento, l’alimentazione (la connessione alla batteria), il microfono e la telecamera, diventano sempre piu’ inaccessibili, “soft” e non controllabili da parte dell’utente, anche se facilmente gestibili dall’esterno. Tutto cio’ sta essenzialmente portando le possibilita’ di manipolazioni delle nostre vite sociali, dei nostri contatti, della nostra cultura ed esigenze, a livelli mai ottenuti in precedenza.

Dall’elettronica alla biologia, alla nostra salute

Contemporaneamente, i progressi della biologia e della medicina sono stati enormi. Per esempio, oggi si puo’ modificare con precisione ed a volonta’ il codice genetico di una cellula o di un intero organismo. Ma i benefici di tali progressi sono di fatto resi largamente indisponibili per curare malattie, o per non invecchiare, o per non morire. Alla stessa stregua del potere di calcolo delle macchine, l’enorme potere della biologia viene dirottato verso interessi totalmente diversi da quelli del pubblico, quelli che si direbbero dell’umanita’. Gli stratagemmi usati per farlo sono essenzialmente gli stessi gia’ utilizzati per i computers. Coloro che conoscono Richard Stallman, per il quale un certo tipo di “computing” e’ da considerare una vera e propria “prigione”, e le sue considerazioni sul free e non-free software, forse riescono ad intravedere le incredibili, ma definite similarita’ tra l’appropriazione indebita della capacita’ di calcolo di un computer, una macchina che, evidentemente, non fa quasi piu’, se non marginalmente, gli interessi di chi la ha comprata, e la criminale obligatorieta’ di trattamento sanitario, preventivo o diagnostico sul nostro proprio corpo. Quest’ultimo diventa di fatto sempre meno nostro, ma sempre piu’ assoggettato ad una pseudo-medicina e pseudo-ricerca, il cui fine ultimo chiaramente non e’ assolutamente piu’ “guarire”, ma piuttosto creare stabili flussi di danaro nella precisa direzione delle multinazionali del farmaco; costi quel che costi.

I vaccini possono essere uno strumento efficace nella lotta a diverse malattie. Ma nell’ottica di cui sopra, con l’obbligatorieta’, la possibilita’ che si usi un vaccino che non protegge, ma piuttosto danneggia l’organismo a cui viene somministrato, possibilmente creando l’indotto per futuri guadagni, o anche per altri scopi indicibili, e’ pura logica, anche piuttosto ovvia. In questo contesto, chi la etichetta come complottismo, o e’ in malafede o semplicemente stupido.

Metodi comuni in tutto il mondo

I meccanismi di coercizione ad un qualsivoglia trattamento sanitario sono gli stessi, dappertutto. Se sei un infermiere, il tuo lavoro ti impone di proteggere i pazienti; se sei uno studente, non puoi infettare i tuoi compagni. Se vuoi ricevere il sussidio (sanitario, di disoccupazione, o altro), devi essere in regola.  In tutti i casi, devi vaccinarti o perdi il lavoro, l’educazione, i benefici. E con il rinforzo di quella madornale stupidaggine dell'”effetto gregge” se occorre; un’argomentazione supportata da zero evidenze scientifiche. Prossimamente, in Italia, c’e’ da aspettarsi che un sussidio di disoccupazione o reddito di cittadinanza verra’ elargito soltanto con l’obbligo di vaccinarsi. Sta diventando un ricatto, quasi sempre e quasi dovunque nel mondo: un prodotto, dubbio se non dannoso o sperimentale, forzato nella gola della gente, cosi’ come il pasto di oche all’ingrasso. E’ un sogno per produttori industriali monopolistici, senza competitori, e per i regimi da essi stessi creati e mantenuti; un disastro per tutti gli altri.

Negli USA, l’associazione dell’Ohio dei Sostenitori della Liberta’ di Cura (OAMF, Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom), formata dalla base, da cittadini, tenta un’agguerrita resistenza a favore della liberta’ di cura, coinvolgendo politici locali.

In Italia?

The glyphosate conundrum

Today, more often than not, vital correct information is hard to gather. This is a time when “alternative facts” becomes normal, acceptable dialog tools used by one of the supposedly most reputable sources, and media outlets fail constantly to deliver reliable, useful information of true public interest. Following what some have defined as a slow corporate coup d’état, even relatively basic scientific information becomes unavailable. Money-driven deception is everywhere and understanding whether a certain multinational is conducting a legitimate business, or rather carrying out an egregious example of very dangerous corporate malfeasance, with unimaginable consequences for the worldwide population, became an extremely arduous challenge, for the public and for independent scientists alike.

Even if it did not receive the deserved attention, some readers might have heard about the appalling -and very telling- story of the research findings from a French group of scientists (Seralini et al.) on the best-selling herbicide glyphosate; this is a chemical also tightly associated with some GMOs crops, since it needs to accompany their cultures. The publication of their data on the long-terms effects of this compound in rats, were so vehemently opposed by the multinational seller of glyphosate, that it resolved -and succeeded- to infiltrate the scientific board of the same journal that published the paper, with one of its own “men”, hired there as an associate editor, with the specific goal of retracting the paper.

“Autistic Child Area”

In the almost-always perfectly landscaped suburban areas in NY, one road sign is becoming alarmingly frequent: “Autistic Child Area”, as in many other places in US. At the same time, the shelves of all the nearby hardware and garden shops, are restocked each spring with tons of weedkillers containing glyphosate. Perhaps just coincidental observations, having no linkage whatsoever, but glyphosate became practically omnipresent and increasing, in our food and our bodies, and some scientists are pounding the alarm about its possible involvement as a main concurring cause of numerous specific disorders and diseases, also on the rise in the general population.

Among many others feared nasty effects of glyphosate, one -objectively very concerning- possibility has been proposed by Samsel and Seneff. They state that the chemical resemblance of glyphosate to glycine, one of the twenty amino acids making up proteins (that are chains of amino acids) in our body, might results in the substitution of glyphosate in place of glycine in protein sequences, and this causes much disruption at molecular level, ultimately translating in a whole set of different diseases, going from neurodegenerative to kidneys/liver dysfunctions, to infertility.


Other scientists are, somewhat reasonably, criticizing their claims, for the lack of hard, peer reviewed data, and labeling their conclusions as “syllogism fallacies“. Yet there is an analogous problem with the criticism by this other group. Apart their contiguity to power structures, that -as related history showes- might well have compromised their objectivity (for example, via well-known mechanisms, highlighted elsewhere, of “revolving doors”, already widely used by the owner multinational -that is the exchange of personnel, more or less still strongly linked to the mega-corporation and acting on its behalf, in public or government posts, aimed to favor the corporation itself); they also fail to produce solid, ad-hoc data in support of their own criticism, while also using expressions like “would be, in all likelihood, a very inefficient process”. This is particularly awkward since, as widely recognized, their parent institution is awashed with research funds, and it shouldn’t take much effort from these scientists, to be fully supported in their statements by definitive data, if they just even tried to get them.

A rather crucial problem

This is clearly not an insignificant problem. If glyphosate really can take part to the intimate structure of proteins, using it at the current rate could mean the equivalent of steadily inserting a lot of cracked/mishaped bricks in the very supporting structures of life, widely and effectively seeding many problems into public health; without considering the much wider effects on non-human life. If it doesn’t, a useful tool for agriculture and its owner company, are being demonized without reasons, or -better- with fairly less reasons.

In this crucial issue, both defendants and accusers put forward their arguments mostly on circumstantial evidence. A mega-corporation, already well known for enriching the world with “goodies” like PCBs and the Agent Orange, is perhaps setting for us another huge time bomb. Yet, the majority of biochemists, biologists and environmentalists around the world, seem -or are obliged to, for fear of touching what seems to be a “third rail”- not to care about the huge elephant in the room.

As a biochemist myself, I looked at the problem. Depending on the commitment, it would take likely less than one year, and a risible amount of funds to get solid, indisputable, definitive, repeatable scientific data on this, and to finally assess the truth.

Certainly not a big deal in terms of time and effort, in the worldwide public interest, isn’t it?


The pill that won’t heal you; not now, not ever

The concept of homeostasis is treated early in curricola for courses of medicine and biology, in basic physiology. Or at least it was, and it should be. Homeostasis is the ability of living things to maintain their own status, regardless of acceptable changes in the surrounding environment. It keeps an equilibrium that allows the optimal ongoing of all biochemical reactions necessary for life. Disturbances of such equilibrium cause problems. Also, sometimes, there are mechanisms that change this equilibrium, as a positive response to certain stresses. For example, our own body temperature is kept normally slightly below 37 degrees Celsius. If we get sick, with a common cold, one of the main defense response mechanisms of our body, is the increase of its temperature of a few degrees (that we call fever). The body temperature comes back to its normal level, whenever the cold is gone.

Blood pressure is another example of homeostasis. Its two values -systolic and diastolic- oscillate close to levels that are considered normal. Variations from such levels can be dangerous and accompany many medical problems. Stress, metabolic problems and aging all can cause often the anomalous increase of blood pressure (hypertension). And there are some drugs that fix that. But there is a huge problem, or a huge blessing, with these drugs, depending from which perspective you look at them. You cannot ever get off these particular class of “medications”.

They become “chronic pills” and -incidentally- a very lucrative business. A chronic, enslaving annoyance will come into your life, once you start taking them. Once, twice or trice a day, for your entire life, you will need to swallow that pill. No matter what, your physician signed you up into the book of those who will never heal. The real crucial point, for them, is that once, twice or trice a month you will need to buy those pills, and you will need to do it for the rest of your entire life.

And yes, chronic pills -with very few exceptions- are a huge problem for the patients, because they do not heal anything. Rather they literally make the patient’s organism unable to function properly ever again, they imbalance its homeostasis for good, making it unable to remain alive, most of the times, without them. A kind of forced “signing up” of the unaware patient to a very bad deal:… paying a more or less salty bills for life (whether with money coming directly from the patient’s pocket or from his insurance or welfare coverage). That is the equivalent to forcing an addiction to opioids, minus any possible hedonistic component, plus the severe sense of urgency, implied in the life saving nature of the correction. Yet, there are likely tons of better and easily implementable ways to fully restore the equilibrium necessary, in one or a few medical sessions, to return to a normal blood pressure and to properly heal all the imbalances that caused it, in the first place.

But the huge problem of all patients involved, corresponds also to a uniquely profitable bless for Pharma players that, while enjoying a steady flux of money coming from it, essentially till the death of each patient, have no drive at all to develop anything that would really cure hypertension, or any other chronic pill related disease, for that matter. Today, Pharma giants extend their control to the peer review system, to most research, whether public or private, and to universities; not to mention to physicians, that are just their well-owned, well-trained puppets and to the abundant useful idiots that are placed in crucial points in the chain of research-validation-control. Nobody does a thing aimed to cure anything, if a large market chronic pill is barely threatened. With quite a bit of irony for those powerful stake holders of such companies, and for the many that allow their reckless proceedings, that -considering how widespread is the phenomenon- will likely be obliged to sign themselves in to the same kind of pseudo medicines-crap; welcome to the real world of modern corporate medicine.